Febuary 11, 2018

Ok so no new updates :( I lost a .dll file and I halfto have it replaced. My husband will be doing that for me tonight, but unfortunatly i work till 9 pm tomorrow night, so the soonest I will post new content will be wendsday. I hope everyone has been having a great weekend. Thanks for visiting me>

January 29, 2018

Ok so today I have added 2 new tutorials :) Basic Blinkies and transparency. It feels good to be back updating and I am hoping to keep coming out with new content. Please let me know what you would like to see.. Thanks for visiting me

January 28, 2018

Ok the beginnings of a new layout have started to appear :) not to sure about the update icon yet and I have yet to work out the new button but hey its a start. I checked and made sure all the links to my content were working before the layout update, so the current content should be working with no issues. If you find any issues please let me know thanks.

January 27, 2018

Hi!! It's been a long time since I have updated this site. I noticed when I was looking around almost all of the other dollie sites are gone due to photo buckets change in hosting. Well have no fear I host all of my own content :) So i will be working on updates to the layout and site as I have time in the near future. Keep checking back and thanks for visiting me:) on another note if you come here to plug your site the plug button site i was using is no more so untill further notice it is removed if you know of another one please feel free to let me know thanks